Ann and Scott

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Our Story

We met at the end of June 2016. Our first date was a movie in the park (Lego Movie). We both knew that there was chemistry when we brought the same good tortilla chips as a movie snack.

We love traveling and the outdoors. Since we met we took trips to Washington DC, Disney World, Colorado, Amsterdam, Ohio, Berlin, Copenhagen, Florida, and a trip to Kentucky to see the Solar Eclipse. We have also gone on a lot of vacations to Wisconsin and Michigan.

We are avid gamers, and love playing different board and group games. There also were a lot of interests that we picked up from the other person. Ann started running races and golfing and Scott started playing kickball and doing trivia.

On December 30th 2017 Scott proposed to Ann. When Ann woke up that day, she felt pretty sick. Luckily she rallied, because there was a scavenger hunt planned with all her friends and family at different stops. The scavenger hunt lead to Maggie Daley Park, the site of their first date. Ann showed up in tears with a Dunkin Donuts coffee, and Scott proposed in front of the whole group. Then we had a pizza party after to celebrate.

We hope you can join us April 13th 2019 as we take this next important step in our relationship!
Grace Kreinbrink