Things to do in the Windy City!


Chicago is know for amazing food, and we hope you get a chance to try some of our delicous bites. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Deep Dish Pizza- Jury is out as to what is the best deep dish in town, but no visit is complete without a big deep dish pizza! Order ahead to avoid the 50 minute wait. Here are some of our some of the options:
    • Giordano's
    • Ginos East
    • Lou Malnati's
    • Pizzanos
    • Pequods
  • Hot Dog - When you buy a hot dog, tell the person "send it through the garden" and load it up the Chicago way with the 7 ingredient combo of relish, mustard, tomato slice, pickle spear, sports peppers, onion and celery salt. Warning: ordering ketchup on your hot dog could get you chased out of town by angry mob with pitchforks.
    • Portillos (this place is also known for a chocolate cake shake, where they stick a piece of cake in a blender and make a shake)
    • Al's Beef
    • Wiener Circle
    • Super Dawg
  • Italian Deef- no list of places here because most of the hot dog spots above will have both. Tell them you want it "dipped" or "baptized" where they soak the sandwich in the juice!
  • Stan's Donuts- These donuts are amazing, which explains the line of people and why the price is higher than dunkin. The Nutella banana pocket is amazing.
  • Garretts Popcorn- best right when you buy it, the chicago combo of carmel corn and cheese corn is clutch. Fair warning: bring a lot of napkins and avoid wearing nice clothes- the cheese makes everything orange.
  • Ann Sather has some amazing cinnamon buns. They are huge, and you get 2 for like 4 bucks.
  • Sprinkles Cupcakes- The cupcakes are good, but the real draw is purchasing your cupcake from a cupcake ATM...

Things to do!

Chicago is home to many exciting spots. Here are some of the classics:

  • Museums: Chicago is home to many top notch museums
    • Museum of Science and Industry- Home to a German U boat, genetic exhibits and storm science exhibits
    • Field museum- This museum has a fantastic collection of dinosaurs, including Sue- the largest and most complete T Rex ever found- RAWR!
    • Shedd Aquarium- Along Chicago's water front is the Shedd Aquarium, home to all those who live under the sea
    • Adler Planetarium- Stars, planets and other galatical stuff
    • Art Institute of Chicago- Home to many classic and famous art pieces like American Gothic.
    • Lincoln Park Zoo- this free zoo is in the heart of the city. A true chicago gem
    • Brookfield Zoo. This zoo is not downtown and there is an admission fee. But it is a lot bigger with a lot more animals (although Lincoln Park has a pretty good representation)
  • Chicago waterfront
    • Along Lake Michigan there are miles of running/biking/walking paths offering many beautiful view.
    • Navy Pier- This spot is pretty touristy (but you are a tourist so it is okay). The former naval pier (hence the name) now has a ton of shops, food vendors, an IMAX theater, a children museum, a mirror maze and boat rides.
    • Beaches- We don't the weather in mid April, but some people like the beach year round. Montrose Beach, North Avenue Beach and Oak Beach are some classics.
  • Other classic spots
    • Millenium Park- Home to the iconic bean sculpture, an ice skating rink, this park sits along the skyline. No trip to Chicago is complete without a bean-selfie!
    • Magy Daly Park- this park is much lesser known and is adjacent to Millenium Park. It hosts outdoor climbing walls, a playground, and an ice skating ribbon. This park also holds a special place in our heart as it was the site of our first date and where we got engaged!
    • Tall building- Sears Tower (no-one calls it Willis Tower) is the go to spot among tourists for a great view, but locals will point you in a different direction. In addition to many rooftop bars that are sprinkled among Chicago's streets, we recommend checking out the Signature Lounge along the Magnificent Mile. View is arguably better, and there is no charge to get in.
    • Wrigley Field- Up there with Fenway, this classic ball park is a must see. They play at 7pm Thursday June 11th against the Pirates. The also play home games against the Angels at 1:20 on Friday the 12th, 1:20 on Saturday the 13th (I don't recommend trying to go to this game...) and 1:20 on Sunday.
    • Magnificent Mile- home to a ton of different shopping locations.
Grace Kreinbrink